Welcome… please join me

So here it is… the blog I’ve been waiting for months to start. Actually, I’ve been waiting for months for another site to sign me on as a contributor and alas they have not. I choose to believe that it isn’t because I’m not worthy… Instead, I think it was because I wasn’t meant to be part of that (wonderful) blog, but on my own, making my own way.

So with loads of encouragement and a dose of bravado, I’m here. Thank you for tuning in.

Here is what I’m all about:

1. Laughing at my life. Otherwise, it isn’t worth it. I hope you will laugh along with me.

2. Writing for the sheer joy of putting together sentences that are fun to read.

3. Trying to see the funny, interesting or insightful in the world around me.

I will do this in prose and in poetry.

Thanks for taking the time to have some fun with me.

— Maureen

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  1. ldmccormck

     /  December 15, 2011

    Maureen, So looking forward to enjoying your everyday adventures, having a little fun, and pondering life’s gifts through your eyes, your heart and your life. Thanks for taking the plunge into the land of blog.

    You are amazing!!

    Hugs, Lynette

  2. Tonya West

     /  December 20, 2011

    Hi Maureen. Glad to have linked in to your blog….and find that we both have a stay-at-home husband and are experiencing all the blessings and challenges that go with it. Take care. ~ Tonya

  3. karen kreutz

     /  December 20, 2011

    Awesome is all I have to say!

  4. Rebeca

     /  December 21, 2011

    I LOVE IT!!! I even added to my internet favorites so I can find it easily :). I was missing this “am I the only person that think this?” moment. Thank you for helping me get grounded on what is important, you truly have a talent and I am glad there is more people getting touch by it. Hope to see you and the girls next year, now that things are getting better around here. Hugs! Rebeca


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